Thursday, March 15, 2012

My worst enemy in this market

My worst enemy in this market has been myself!  My doubts about this rally.  The fear of the rally ending.  Waiting for good stocks to provide an entry.  All of which is my problem; not the market.  The market could care less as it climbs higher.  I'm one to fear the trend when it is this extended.  That too is my problem.  So what do you do - just buy the darn stock and quit waiting for the ideal entry?  Yes.  At least it would have worked so far all this year.  I'm sure that i am not alone on this, but watching stocks fly and thinking it is too late at this point to enter them has not been the answer thus far.
Of course when i say "just buy the darn stock" i don't mean to buy it at a two or three day high, but a two or three day consolidation may be about as much as you get before the stock goes higher.
With that said, i'm still fearful of this market and will only "nibble" on a stock or two until better opportunities come.  But when a better opportunity comes along, will i be more fearful than i am now because of the run we have had - thinking we will have a sharper sell off?  Probably.  Like i said, I am my worst enemy.

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