Saturday, February 18, 2012

Long weekend

You know you are addicted to the stock market when you dread the market being closed for the weekend; especially a three day weekend.  To make matters worse, there aren't a whole lot of interesting charts out there - at least in terms of potential buy points.  As far as news, it seems the focus is on Whitney Houston, GOP candidates, and redundant statistics of how far the market has gone over X time periods.  When your'e plugged into the market full time you find it difficult to find news that gives you something with substance and benefit.  At this point it appears that the most bang for my buck is going to come from reading some earnings calls on select companies.  Some of the possible reads on earnings so far are: CLF, FCX, GOLD, DTV, DISCA, KSU, CF, and maybe MEAS.  If i were to go over the with a fine tooth comb, it would surely take me all weekend, but more likely i will skim the major stuff to determine if i should dig deeper.  Iv'e found the question and answer portion of the earnings call transcripts to be very important.  The analysts are paid well to understand the companies they follow and their questions will be worth noting; and the responses they get will often determine whether their will be major buying or selling of the stock.
Later this weekend i may go over some of the weekends more noteworthy reads.

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