Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I'm back.  Past the six charts posted and you will see that i haven't posted since spring time.  Spending time at the farm since spring and taking care of other matters has kept me from updating a blog.  Now that the weather has turned, the corn and other fields have been taken care of and hunting season is nearing end it's time to get back to spending more time on the winter time activities.
The market has been unbelievably strong this fall.  I was more bearish and got rid of a lot of stocks too early.  
Made some money, but could have been up much more if i would have managed them better.  Now that i will be spending more time engaged in the market, i have taken a few more positions.  A nervous time to be going long on stocks right now i believe.  The fiscal cliff is looming on the market in a serious way.  Between now and the end of the year volitility is expected on my part.  The six new positions i took are based on their technicals - which are venerable to the extended market at this time and pending news on the fiscal cliff issues.
Well for now i'll post the short term chart of the S&P showing the recent run up.  The 1420 level is important to me - as i believe if we don't hold it we will step down enough to flush me out of the current stocks i hold.
Glad to be back at it!  Hope to get some good stuff going here.

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